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My Contact London offers professional Staffing & Recruitment – we have many years of experience interviewing, evaluating and placing skilled personnel for a variety of industries. When you are our client, we take the time and care to learn as much as we can about your company and its needs.

  • Customise Search

    We work closely with our clients to customise our search to your specifications. This allows us to develop a candidate profile incorporating skills, experience, personality and salary requirements.

  • Candidate Database

    We review our active candidate database and use a variety of sources to locate qualified candidates who meet the criteria established.

  • Recruiting

    We advertise and recruit for the best talent that meets your company’s management structure, business philosophy and overall future goals and growth plan.

  • Screening

    We interview, evaluate CVs, and check references for all of our qualified candidates. Upon request, we can administer skills assessments that are appropriate for your open position.

  • Confidential Search

    For confidential and sensitive cases, we are able to conduct candidate searches completely in private. For your convenience, we also provide interviewing facilities.

  • Consulting

    We provide our clients with interview follow through and placement consulting. 

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